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Custom Computers
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All "Buckeye Computers" Systems are built in a non-proprietary fashion. This is something that is very important and is something you are not going to find in most brand name systems.

The big computer manufacturers (Gateway, Dell, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Acer…) do not want you to go out and buy an upgrade for their system from someone else. To fight this, they usually build proprietary systems. Proprietary is defined as "privately owned and controlled." In the computer industry, a proprietary design or technique is one that a company owns and controls. It also implies that the company has not divulged specifications that would allow other companies to duplicate their product. Increasingly, proprietary architectures are judged to be a distinct disadvantage.

Consumers prefer non-proprietary, open and standardized architectures, which allow them to mix and match products from different manufacturers. It also allows them to add and/or modify components at a later date without having to scrap their existing computer and purchase a new one.

Because one computer part is less expensive than two, typically they place the modem and sound cards together, or place everything on the motherboard itself, lowering their costs and forcing custom computer builders to sell cheaper and lower quality components to compete. Thus making their systems less reliable.

We are also noticing that in this area, there are many "custom-builders" building proprietary systems. These include the Modem, Sound Card, Video Card and Network Card all built onto the motherboard. These systems only include 1 PCI slot and 1 ISA slot. This is done to lower the cost of the computer to help their bottom line and to get the consumer a better price.

At Buckeye Computers we won't buy into this theory that cheaper is better. We specialize in high-end computer systems built only with top quality components. This is how we can put a three-year full warranty on all of our computer systems.

Key Benefits

bulletYou have the ability to up-grade your system without worrying about compatibility
bulletYou have the peace of mind that all the components are made from only the finest manufacturers in the world!
bulletWith a 3-year full warranty you know know that you are getting a top-of-the-line system



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